Where Physical And Virtual Reality meet...
Across A Local Sites Network...

Metaverseland - Local Sites Featuring NFT Marketplaces

At Metaverseland, Physical And Virtual Reality is married, thereby enabling the best of both worlds. The NFT boom has overtaken the world. NFTs will also provide brand-new opportunities for enterprises, Merchants, investors, and fans in the long run. NFTs will play a crucial role in birthing an ideal metaverse.

Companies need to be thinking about Metaverse Strategies, because the Metaverse is increasingly becoming where the target audience will be. Every brand, company and notable figure will eventually have a metaverse and NFT integration. However, the Metaverse is not yet fully formed, but the journey commences with NFTs

The Programme Operators, LMS, operate a network of local web sites with over 2.6 million subscribers. LMS also co-operates with significant operators to operate a number of indexing sites for subscribers to its network of site

About Local Sites In The Network

LIVE SITES: GreaterLondon.net, Scotland.Community, and Wales.Community

UPCOMING SITES: Local Sites Programme Operating in the UK and in Selected countries with Key Partners. Upcoming UK sites listed below

When it properly comes together, the Metaverse will be a virtual world, made up of different Communities. The UK Metaverseland Programme is developing Local sites featuring NFT Programmes For Merchants.

We see a future where consumers will need to access the NFTs and Programmes of their Local Merchants as well as National merchants. NFT Programmes. This is where the Local Sites Programme comes in.

Each Local Site will be operated from its own Geo Domain, and link to a centralized NFTs marketplace. With NFTs, smart contracts, can help create a metaverse economy. Merchants will be able to feature digital and non digital products.

Simplifying the NFT Process

The NFTs creation engine featured in the local sites, allow customers to mint NFTs without having to use cryptocurrencies to pay for blockchain transaction charges. This opens doorways for merchants, eliminating the substantial overhead prices, complexity, and safety points related to creating NFTs and avoiding potential regulatory obstacles surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Merchants can provide a simple, secure, and seamless NFT solution without have to hire blockchain developers.

Road Map and NFTs.Site

The Metaverseland Project commenced in the first half of 2022 with the establishment of a multivendor Marketplace, incorporating an NFTs creation engine, and featuring national and global merchants, but also offering local merchants the chance to establish a local presence in the space. The marketplace allows the creation of digital and non digital product catalogues, and deliver interactive content.

The second half of 2022 will see the LMS owned resource, NFTs.Site, operated as an NFTs Resource in partnership with a third Party operator. It will also see the recruitment of local operators to operate individual local site metaverses to sell products and services from the multivendor Marketplace, and the NFTs creation engine to local merchants. The second half of 2022 will also see the establishment of the Metaverseland Project in a range of different countries. An infrastructure for hotels to feature virtual versions of their hotels is scheduled for development.