Metaverseland For Hotels

Where Physical And Virtual Reality meet
Across A Local Sites Network.....

About Metaverseland

At Metaverseland, Physical And Virtual Reality is married, thereby enabling the best of both worlds. Consumers will need to be able to access the NFTs and Metaverse Programmes of their Local Merchants as well as National merchants, and Global Merchants. Not only virtual-to-virtual will be engaged on in the Metaverse, but physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-physical commerce also.

Local Merchant Services were established in 2017 and operate a network of local web sites with over 2.6 million subscribers. Local sites will play a key part in the Metaverseland Programme, by featuring the NFT and Metaverse Programmes of Merchants, and of Hotels Geographically situated where the Hotels Programmes are

Metaverseland For Hotels

Metaverseland currently features an NFT creation engine that makes the NFTs process simple

Hotels can benefit from the metaverse by providing unique, virtual experiences to customers and offering complementary metaverse experiences.

Hotel across the range of quality and size, will eventually digitize and offer virtual environments. The provision of such virtual environments, will provide a competitive advantage.

Potential Customers can enjoy a virtual experience on the relevant Metaverse site and then book online. Metaverseland does not need to host the metaverse Programme, which could simply be linked from the local site where the hotel is. Upcoming however, at Metaverseland, will be the tools for hotels to create their own Metaverse Programme.

Hotel Tours And Booking In the Metaverse

Virtual reality tours are an emerging hotel marketing trends, and they are helping to enhance the booking process. However, the metaverse can take this a step further. As an example, using a digital avatar could make it possible for a potential customer to perform a virtual walkthrough before deciding.

Using this avatar, the potential customer could walk through a metaverse hotel, which has been designed to look exactly like the real thing. This then gives them a clear sense of how big each room is or what features they can expect if they upgrade. They could also buy NFTs to give them rewards at the Hotels.

Case Study - Citizen M

Citizen M are selling an exclusive collection of NFTs with real-world rewards attached. While each of the 2000 NFTs will be priced equally, purchasers will at random be assigned one of three levels.

The rewards will be given in the form of discounts, free drinks and more with the specifics of the rewards being determined by the level of NFT assigned to the purchaser. The rewards will then be redeemable at any of the Citizen M hotels in the real world.